More features for you

Here are our best features for you. These features will have great impact in your bussiness. With Digaze, your works would never be easier!


Your employees can apply attendance in digaze. Many ways are provided in attendance with digaze applications. For example, Fingerprint, if you do not have a fingerprint in your cellphone, you can use face recognation. If your cellphone do not have a front camera, you can do apply attendance manually using the digaze application.

Settings Enter & Overtime Hours of Work

You can set work hours according to your company, even you can set it when you are on holiday or when overtime employees work.

Survey Outlet

When an employee makes a visit to an outlet, you can ask your employee to do a survey. This time the application has provided a survey form and questions will be submitted.

Offline Mode

With offline mode feature, you don't need to worry if your employees don't have an internet connection, because data will automatically be saved and will be uploaded when your employees have an internet connection

Visit Report

This visit report feature is useful when your employee makes a visit to the place / outlet. After making a visit to a place, the data will be stored on our server and you can also see these outlets in details.

Auto Connect Wifi

This feature provides auto connect or directly connects your employees mobile phones that are in the office by simply opening the digaze application without to telling your office's wifi password.

Information Features Device

You can see all your employee's status in detail and accurately, such as battery status, signal, and GPS location that are active or not.

Outlet List That Has Been Surveyed

You can see several outlets, with their detail information that have been registered or submitted by your employees.